Business and Innovation: The Twin Fin Surfboard

Today’s popularity of the twin fin surfboard started with the surfer, Bob Simmons in the 1940s. Bob designed surfboards that were shorter in length yet wider than a typical surfboard. He used balsa wood to not only make them lighter but also more aerodynamic while surfing. The most unique part of his design was the keel fins which he placed on the rails of the surfboard – this is the moment when the twin fin surfboard was born.

Since then, the twin fin surfboard has been upgraded to perfection. Concave features, hulls placed underneath the surfboard’s nose, upgraded twin fins that increase the speed and improved rails are just some of the many innovations that make the modern day twin fin surfboard what it is today.

what are the benfits of a twin fin surfboard

Advantages of the Twin Fin Surfboard

A twin fin surfboard has anywhere from 10 to 15 percent more surface volume than a typical shortboard depending on how it was manufactured. Most modern surfboards are made with the twin fin (or otherwise known as the dual fin) layout. 

Due to the fact that there is no middle fin in this surfboard layout, it reinforces stability so that you will not fall off the surfboard when you find yourself in a pocket of waves. In other words, you will feel like you have a lot more control during your surfing sessions when using a twin fin surfboard.

Twin fin surfboards are great for beginners as they make it easy to learn how to navigate the waves. They’re also easy to carry, easy to mount to begin surfing, and they float really well on the waves  

Once you master the twin fin surfboard, you’ll realize that you can pick up speed a lot faster on this type of surfboard compared to others due to the aerodynamic characteristics of the board as well as the maneuverability. 

How to Use a Twin Fin Surfboard

Common surfboard fin configurations come in single, twin, thruster and quad. The benefits of a twin fin surfboard is that they’re built to provide you with more maneuverability and faster speeds when riding waves.

When using a twin fin surfboard, it’s important that you stand up tall when turning or carving into waves as the extended width requires you to be more upright than a traditional surfboard.

What is the Best Twin Fin Surfboard Model For You?

If you want to go the more classic route, consider the Holloway by Chemistry Surfboards.

The Siamese Twin by Superbrand is your go-to if you’re looking for a twin-fin surfboard that has a classic look, yet rides like a more modern upgrade with increased volume and performance standards.

If high level performance is a priority for you, you should consider the twin fin Rocket Fish surfboard by Panda surfboards or the Misc Twin by Haydenshapes.

If you’re a fan of surfing, you’ll absolutely love the experience of riding a twin fin. At the very least, it’s never a bad idea to add a twin fin surfboard to your collection.